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Basel III & CRD IV training, delivered globally, strategically and cost effectively

What we do.

Regulatory Intellect provides world class industry recognised instructor-led Basel III & CRD IV training courses. Our Instructor-led training is delivered through both our comprehensive international public schedule and through a series of in-company training courses, tailored to meet specific departmental and organisational requirements. Our Basel III and CRD IV training courses are also offered through our e-learning platform.

Need help? We understand

…It’s our passion

Working with industry experts, we have developed a series of comprehensive and unique training courses to provide organisations and individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and support implementation of the extremely complex Basel III Framework and CRD IV Package: Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) and the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

…and commitment

We know Basel III and CRD IV is a daunting project for individuals and companies, but one that with the right learning and understanding can be turned into a successful implementation and provide unintended competitive advantages. We pride ourselves on being highly credible, vendor independent and committed to providing the most comprehensive and up to date courses the industry has to offer.

…so lets do it!